110W 480V to 277V Step-Down Autotransformer (SPQ 6)

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  • GETR480/277-60WL 480
  • UPC: 043168866934
  • Technology Type: Traditional
  • Voltage: 347-480 V
  • Lamp Count: Multiple
  • Safety Certifications: UL
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty
  • Precision-wound coils, ensuring even heat dissipation and the highest electrical integrity.
  • Non-Isolated Autotransformer designed specifically for lighting applications to step down 480V to 277V or 347V to 200V with universal voltage 120-277V LED drivers.
  • For use with one or more electronic 277V or universal voltage ballasts and led drivers within max total system power of autotransformer
  • 480Vrms Input, 60Hz Only, 277Vrms Full Load Output
  • For loads with total system power <110VA
  • Internal Auto Reset Thermal Protector Rated 100C
  • For use on single phase

110W 480V to 277V Step-Down Autotransformer Specifications

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