Ledvance MCP39/PAR30LN/U/830/FL/ECO PB (SPQ 6)

Sale price$245.52


  • Excellent CRI, up to 95, yields more natural colors
  • Offers up to 15000 hr rated average life and last 5X longer than halogen lamps
  • Lower thermal output than tungsten halogen lamps having similar light output
  • Superior color stability over the life of the lamp
  • Improved lamp-to-lamp color consistency
  • METALARC® PRO-TECH® design for open fixture applications
  • Open fixture rated products improve fixture efficiency and simplify maintenance
  • UV-stop technology significantly reduces UV output and minimizes discoloration and fading of materials
  • Pulse start arc tube technology
  • Ideal for open recessed cans or track lighting fixtures
  • 8000 cd initial MBCP
  • High CRI
  • Universal operating position
  • Reduced color shift

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